Production technology for the future

Who we are

Prodtex AS is a technology company located on the north-west coast of Norway. The company has built knowledge and expertise from design and construction of advanced ships and equipment in the shipbuilding and mechanical industry. We have long experience from design and operation of automated production processes, specifically robotic welding of steel and aluminum constructions.

Based on this knowledge and experience, we deliver complete solutions for process automation in various industries. Prodtex AS offer interdisciplinary knowledge, starting from the concept design stage, through engineering, production and operation.

What we do

The work leading to a good solution starts with analysis and understanding of our customers business model and strategic goals. Using our wide industrial experience, we can support in these processes and define requirement specification and goals alongside the customer.

Digital continuity is an important topic for us; thus, our methodology revolves around the usage of a digital twin. The term digital twin refers to a digital replica of physical assets, normally described with a 3D model which looks and behaves as its physical counterpart. We recommend customers to introduce the digital twin already in the conceptual phase, and continuously develop the twin through the process lifecycle. By utilizing this methodology, initial behavior simulation can be defined and studied. This enables early identification of possible design flaws and thus prevent large rework operations in the detail engineering phase.

Modern production facilities require modern production processes. Ten years of experience in development and operation of automated manufacturing, learning the hard way through trial and error, have given us valuable knowledge which can be applied in new solutions. Using a digital twin in a production setting, combined with experience and know-how, makes it possible to acquire cost-effective and successful solutions.